3D Printing Services in North Highlands, CA

Additive manufacturing has opened new and exciting opportunities for rapid prototyping and component design. Paxton Engineering, Inc. has embraced 3D scanning and printing as a way to bring even more value to our customers. We offer this service as a means of expediting the prototyping time and quickly iterating on designs to produce functional components—whether for individual application or as part of a larger whole.

We’ve distinguished ourselves as a leading 3D printing and fabrication shop in North Highlands, CA, and we’re always looking for ways to leverage this modern-era solution into the evolving practice of engineering.

Printing Part


Our 3D printing capabilities are best applied to component production. We’re able to rapidly design and print specialty parts for our customers, to give them a working concept quickly. Our ability to design, iterate, print, refine and provide a product backed by full schematics gives our customers the complete information they need during the 3D parts tooling process.

Printing Template

3D Design Templates

Our experienced 3D printing service has also familiarized us with the CAD templates that precede these products. As a result, we’re able to provide our customers with fully designed 3D templates that gives them control over the nature of their intellectual property. From rapid reproduction to future iterations, you’ll have the templates you need for success.

3d Scanner

3D Scanning

Have a product you need mocked up digitally? Through 3D scanning, we’re able to render a full digital mockup of a physical component, complete with specifications and quantitative data. Allow us to provide you with a CAD file of a critical component that doesn’t already have digital documentation. Or, bring us a product that needs improvement—we’ll scan it and begin on design improvements.

Explore the Benefits of 3D Printing

Paxton Engineering, Inc. harnesses the power of 3D printing to provide our customers in North Highlands, CA with rapid prototyping, as well as the digital files they need to capitalize on this technology in their own production capacity. Let us provide you with 3D printed prototypes, as well as 3D design templates and scanned models, for full documentation and engineering specifications that lead to repeatable fabrication.
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